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Owned and operated by John Cooley

Our farm is located in Wagram in the North Carolina Sandhills of Scotland County.  Wagram is located twenty miles south of Southern Pines, 40 miles Southwest of Fayetteville and 20 miles north of the North Carolina/South Carolina border just off of U.S. Highway 401.

We are a breeding farm for American Mammoth Jackstock.  Since 1998 John Cooley has researched, looked far and wide for specific bloodlines and body types for selective breeding and has attempted to build one of the best American Mammoth Jackstock breeding programs anywhere.  Our goal is to breed a well mannered, sweet natured, intelligent, forward moving, athletic American Mammoth Jackstock with balanced conformation using foundation bloodlines.  We have some of the best foundation bloodlines to be found anywhere; going back to Preacher, Rancho La Burrada Walter, Bully Boy, Jen Jack, 3 Jumps Big Louie, Siemon's Perfection, Siemon's Glen, Old Sid and Julio. 

A heritage breed is a traditional livestock raised by our forefathers in the United States.  The American Mammoth Jackstock is a unique heritage breed of large donkey going back to the late 1700's during the days of George Washington. The Livestock Conservatory now has the American Mammoth Jackstock listed as an endangered breed. We know that Jackstock breeders selectively breeding for quality mammoths with foundation bloodlines are becoming just as rare. 

Mammoths were developed in the United States from imported European breeds mixed with our native stock left here by the earlier Spanish explorers. The mammoths were created to be used in the breeding of strong work mules.  Mammoths come in many colors black, gray, sorrels and painted. Here at Cooley's Mammoth Jackstock we only breed for black with white points and grays. 

The American Mammoth Jackstock is the largest size of donkey and is known for being easy going, kind and deeply affectionate towards people.   In order to register a mammoth donkey with the ADMS (American Donkey & Mule Society) a mammoth donkey must be at least 56"(14 hands) at the withers for a jack or 54" (14.2 hands) for a jenny. Mammoths are truly the gentle giants of the donkey world. Here on our farm we have adult jackstock ranging from 14.2 hands to 16 hands. Mammoths are slow growing, and aren't full grown until six years old.  Our jackstock is still growing at three years old and some have grown as much as six inches in their third year.

Mammoths are the strongest animals I have ever worked with; their strength and gentle nature is amazing. Mammoths are used in many ways: companionship, riding, driving and we run ours with our cattle.  Mammoths tend to not like dogs or especially coyotes and they are very protective of their herd. Not much goes on around their pasture that those ears don't pick up on what is happening.  Mammoths tend not to run in fright as horses do, they freeze and try to think about the situation before deciding to run or fight.  Once you have a mammoths trust they will do anything to please you.  They are growing to be quite popular because of their laid back attitudes and their surefootedness on the trail; they are great riding companions. 


Mammoths are a special animal and extremely addictive, as you spend time with them they will fascinate you with their sweet disposition, intelligence, mischievous humor and personalities.  Mammoths love to be loved on and they give just as much affection back.  They hug you with their bodies and rest their heads on your shoulder. Their eyes tell you of their intelligence as they look you in the eye. You can go spend time with them and they are the best stress relievers around.  They put your world back in balance and bring calmness back to your inner self. 

Plus you gotta love their long ears and then there is the Bray.....there is not another sound like it!

If you are interested in one or more of our mammoths, please contact us and we will answer all of your questions. 

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