In Loving Memory

CMJS Hank   AMJR 39622

CMJS Hank is the exemplary result of over twenty five years of selective breeding.  He is an impressive homegrown 2012 jack standing 63.8" (16 HH) with a shiny true black coat with white points.  Hank has that Wow factor when you first meet him.  Hank has excellent conformation with a beautiful head with long narrow ears you look for in a mammoth.  He is a very intelligent well mannered, forward moving, extremely athletic jack.  He is very light on his feet and has exceptional athletic movement and the ability to transcend from one gait to another smoothly with excellent balanced conformation.  Hank is sired by Bainbridge's Long Ears Acres Black Cole x Black Magic.  Hank's bloodlines can be traced back to the foundation bloodlines of PCF's Preacher II, PCF's Preacher, Bully Boy and Jen Jack.  We are excited about Hank's offspring, as he is passing on his height, conformation, athleticism and sweet disposition.

CMJS Slate, AMJR 39618

Slate is a homegrown regal looking dapple gray jack with substance, excellent conformation and athletic forward moving gait.  He is a big strong jack with an exceptionally nice neck set and beautiful long ears. Slate is a 2010 Jack standing 62" (15.2 HH).  He has a calm loving temperament.  He is an easy and accommodating friendly jack to handle.  CMJS Slate is sired by CMJS Stevie x Penny.  Stevie was a son of PCF's Preacher II.  His dam, Penny, was the top producing jenny on our farm.  Penny was shown successfully in her youth and has thrown many top-quality foals.  Slate carries foundation bloodlines of Preacher, Bully Boy and Jen Jack.  Slate is throwing big babies with his bone density, disposition and color.

​​Coyote Lane Rhett Butler, AMJR 39611, ADMS A-14716
Rhett Butler is a 2008 registered black with white points jack standing 63" (15.3 HH) tall.  Rhett is a stunning looking jack with a gentle disposition.  Rhett has a very well-balanced conformation with straight legs and good bone density.  He is very athletic with a smooth forward moving gait.  Rhett is sired by Tennessee Rebel x Coyote Lane Miz Dixie.  Rhett's foundation bloodlines can be traced back to Rancho La Burrada Walter.  Rhett Butler was bred and shown by Anita Gallion when they won Grand Champion in Mammoth Jackstock at halter in the Great Celebration in Shelbyville Tennessee in 2011.  Rhett is passing on his balanced conformation, athleticism and big personality to his foals. 

Bainbridge's Long Ears Acres Black Cole, ADMS A-121163

August 4, 2001 - February 10, 2022

Cole was an ADMS registered black with white points jack standing 61"/15.1 hands. Cole had a very well-balanced conformation with good bone density and straight legs.  He had a very athletic forward moving gait.   Cole had the best disposition and personality of any jack around.  He was an absolute sweetheart and was passing it on to his babies.   Cole was sired by PCF's Preacher II, whose sire was PCF's Preacher.  Cole can trace his blood lines back to Bully Boy and Jen Jack.  He has the substance that early Mammoth Jackstock was known for.  Cole was throwing outstanding great looking foals for us here on the farm.  He passed his beautiful head, long ears, higher neck set, straight legs, longer hip, with good bone density, well balanced conformation, athletic forward moving gaits, and his sweet disposition to his offspring. Cole has put us on the map with our American Mammoth Jackstock breeding program. They do not come any better than Cole. We miss him everyday.

Herd Sires

CMJS Jacob   AMJR 39624

CMJS Jacob was born 9/28/2019.  He stands 63.5"/16 Hands.  Jacob is a handsome black with white points jack off of Ruby Arkansas (15.1 HH) x Bainbridge's Long Ear Acres Black Cole (15.1 HH).  He carries foundation bloodlines of PCF's Preacher II, PCF's Preacher, Bully Boy, Jen Jack and Siemon's Glen.  Jacob has a nice balanced conformation with good bone and is very athletic with forward moving gaits. He has his daddy's sweet disposition. He is still growing.  We are excited to see what he produces as he has two Spring 2023 babies on the way.